Big Data

We explain in collaboration with Anchormen what Big Data is and the possibilities that it holds.


Agile software development is a set of principles for software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing,cross-functional teams. 

About Buildingsteps


Every business is unique and Buildingsteps can cater to the unique needs of business. Integrate all your business needs and own a personalized & all-in-one business solution for your company.

Buidingsteps is versatile software and can be customized to every business need. This can be used by any size of company including non profits. Create and manage unlimited communities of employees, business partners, users & members with Buildingsteps. Following portals are build by using building blocks of Buildingsteps; for different verticals. Buildingsteps enables creating many more such vertical solutions and please click here to select about your verticals or business ideas.

Fax marketing in Buildingsteps

Our Marketing analysis and research Solution offers mass mailing & gives you the opportunity to send mass survey mails to large number of users email id. You can either specify individual survey id or add groups of survey Ids.


Buildingsteps is a multi device platform available on the web & IOS.
Buildingsteps has built different modular softwares which are tightly integrated on an Enterprise Social Networking platform. Every designed module works with each other. These modular elements include Project Management, CRM, Email marketing, Micro websites, Email integration to database & many more.


did you manage to figure out what the issue was? I am facing the same problem, I set up my smtp service, I enabled relay messages for localhost ip, I set up the correct domain, i have enabled the smtp in my iis 7 and webconfig, everything looks in place but the messages are not delivered, they are stored in the inetpub\mailroot\Queue folder without been sent. 

Surveys in Buildingsteps


Create, publish and track your surveys easily within your network of users or outside the network contacts.
Customize Surveys
Publish Survey link on website
Protected responses via SSL/HTTPS
Add custom logo to your survey
Unlimited questions/ responses
Download result to Excel / Pdf
Send Survey via email
Geo-Visualization-Track survey responses geographically on world map
Real-time fast results
Share your survey on social media sites



Social Era Business Solution for High Performing Companies?

Requirement of business solutions change with the change of business environments. So, accordingly you can choose right business module. Work with dispersed team using an Enterprise Social Networking platform which is well integrated with different elements of business.